Blog for sale!

Blog for Sale!

I wanted to let you know today that I have decided to put Entrepreneur Writer up for sale.

I have various reasons for this. One is that I’m now 62 and semi-retired (partly for health reasons), so trying to reduce my workload.

In addition, I have been blogging about writing – on Entrepreneur Writer and my old blog – for over twelve years now, and am running out of things to say! I’m not doing nearly as much freelance writing myself these days, and have to accept that I am no longer at the cutting edge as regards what’s going on in the writing world.

In addition, as some of you may know, Entrepreneur Writer was hacked last month, and I had to spend quite a lot of time and money having it cleaned and secured. Anyone running a self-hosted WordPress blog will know that you are constantly under siege from spammers and others of evil intent. Frankly, I can do without the stress and hassle.

Finally, I still have my UK personal finance blog Pounds and Sense, which is where I want to devote most of my energies now.

So it seems appropriate to offer Entrepreneur Writer for sale, in the hope it may be taken over by someone who can bring fresh impetus and enthusiasm to it. I am not looking for a huge fee, and will of course be available to assist and advise with the transfer (and afterwards).

Entrepreneur Writer has been going for around 3 years now and has a Mozilla Domain Authority of 25. If you are seriously interested in buying Entrepreneur Writer (the domain and/or WordPress files) please do get in touch and I will send you more information.

In the meantime, I will continue to update Entrepreneur Writer on an occasional basis when I believe I have something of value to share.

My deepest thanks to all of you who have followed my ramblings over the years.

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Kindle Direct Publishing Improves Print Publishing Service

Kindle Direct Publishing Improves Print Publishing Service

A while ago in this post I mentioned that it is now possible to publish paperback books using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Previously, Amazon’s only option for self-publishing print books was CreateSpace. I commented then:

The KDP paperback creator is still in beta and additional features are promised in due course. One major thing lacking at the moment is any way of purchasing a sample print copy of your book so you can see for yourself what buyers will receive. This is clearly a drawback compared with CreateSpace. Neither do KDP published print books currently receive the extended distribution of CreateSpace titles.

I heard recently that the first of these drawbacks has been eliminated and the second is no longer as big an issue as it was.

With KDP you can now order proof copies to check how your book will look in finished form. And you can also order author’s copies that you can sign and give away at readings, book launches, and so on.

At a stroke, this eliminates what was the biggest drawback of publishing print books on KDP. A further advantage for UK and European authors is that they can now be printed and sent from Europe rather than the US, with obvious savings in time and cost.

The distribution of KDP print books has also improved, although it’s still not as good as CreateSpace. Somewhat oddly, KDP offers distribution in Japan but not Canada or Mexico. CreateSpace also offers expanded distribution to bookstores and non-Amazon websites, which is not (yet) an option with KDP.

Nonetheless, most self-publishing Amazon authors generate most of their sales through If that applies to you (or you are new to Amazon self-publishing) then KDP is now looking a better choice for print books than CreateSpace.

Also, KDP has been adding features recently, whereas CreateSpace has remained basically the same. In future, it seems most likely that these two Amazon-owned services will be amalgamated, probably under the KDP banner. That will have the additional advantage of allowing authors to manage (and monitor) all their Amazon self-publishing activities – ebooks and print – via one website.

I hope you find this article helpful. You might also like to check out this blog post by my colleague Sally Jenkins and this more in-depth one from Chris McMullen, both of which I referred to when researching this post.

You can also find more information about publishing print books via KDP on this page of the KDP website.

As always, if you have any comments or questions about this post, please do leave them below.

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Companion Publishing profits

Companion Publishing Profits – Special Offer!

I mentioned Companion Publishing Profits by my colleague Amy Harrop in this blog post last year.

Companion Publishing Profits is a guide to making money by publishing books that are intended to accompany or supplement existing content. An example would be a study guide.

Of course, this type of product only really works in print format. So Companion Publishing Profits focuses mainly on using Amazon’s CreateSpace (print on demand) service. Kindle is mentioned as well, though, and there is also a bonus guide to self-publishing on

I wanted to let you know that Amy is offering my readers a $10 discount on this popular product until the end of February. To get it, all you have to do is enter the coupon code tenoff when ordering. The $10 discount will then be applied automatically.

Companion publishing can be a great way to capitalize on the popularity of existing products. The types of product discussed include workbooks, journals, study guides, planners, and so on. A big attraction of producing this type of book is that the reader typically provides much of the content him/herself. In effect, you are simply providing an attractively formatted product for them to write in.

Anyway, if you’d like more info about Companion Publishing Profits, please read my full, updated review here. And if you have any comments or questions, of course, please do post them as usual.

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