Best Writing Forum: A New Writers Forum Open to Everyone!

I wanted to let you know today about a brand new writing forum that has been launched in the last few days.

Best Writing Forum has been set up by my old friend and former publisher Karl Moore. It was created in response to requests from members of My Writers Circle, the online forum I helped set up with Karl and managed for almost ten years.

In recent years MWC has changed ownership several times and been rather neglected. In the last few months more problems have arisen, including an increase in spam posts that the volunteer moderator team have been struggling to keep on top of.

Best Writing Forum uses the popular SMF messageboard software. Anyone who has ever been a member of My Writers Circle will therefore find it quite familiar. Of course, the board names and overall design are a bit different (and still evolving in response to requests from members). It’s very early days at the moment, but already there are 673 posts and counting, many from former MWC members.

I am excited about the new forum and delighted that my old friend Karl is behind it, as I know he will provide the love and support the old forum was lacking. I do hope you will therefore check it out and, if you like what you see, sign up. It’s free of charge and only takes a few moments. You will then be able to:

Now is a great time to join Best Writing Forum, as you really can play a part in shaping the new forum and helping guide its future direction. I’ll hope to see you there soon!

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