Call for Submissions: Romantic and Erotic Fiction

Here’s a new call for submissions of romantic and erotic fiction in various genres.

Call for Submissions

Steam Romance, a publisher of romantic and erotic fiction is looking for writers! New to this genre, but not publishing, Steam is fresh and ready to take on select stories that are just as fresh…and sexy!

We are looking for:

Short stories that are between 15k-40k words. Novels that are between 50k-100k words.

We are accepting stories in almost all genres, but will give priority to stories of the following romantic fiction or erotica categories:

  • Contemporary, especially stories with a modern, strong lead female character
  • Steampunk
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Paranormal Fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • For Men

We define romance as: love stories with strong writing, developed characters, and a solid plot. Stories should have happy endings and should depict love scenes in detail. We define erotica as: arousing stories with explicit sex scenes; generally happy stories, though not necessary to have a neat and tidy happy ending.

Source: Call for Submissions

Steam Romance is a paying market. They pay royalties on a monthly basis. The exact rate isn’t specified, although on their Write for Steam page they say, “Because we are a small publishing house, we don’t have the costs associated with running a large business. These savings get passed on to authors through higher royalty payments. Try us and compare, you’ll see we offer nearly twice what a larger publishing house will pay.”

For more information, including how to submit, click through to their Call for Submissions page. Good luck, and if you have a story accepted by them, do let me know!

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