Focus on Fiction: A New Resources Bundle for Fiction Writers

I wanted to give you a heads-up today about a new resource pack for writers that has just been launched by my colleague David Lee Martin.

Focus on Fiction is on offer for just seven days (actually six, as today is the second day). It includes 16 popular training products for fiction writers for one inclusive price.

As it happens, I have reviewed several of these products myself on my old writing blog (which I am no longer running). I can therefore say that one of my favourite products is Scrivener Unleashed, by David Lee Martin himself.

This is the definitive guide to using the popular Scrivener writing software for creating fiction, including Kindle e-books. As well as comprehensive video tuition, you also get ready-to-use fiction writing templates, and much more. You can read my original review of Scrivener Unleashed here.

Also included is the excellent Kindle Bestseller Secrets by Derek Doepker. This is a six-module course taking you through every aspect of the Kindle writing and publishing process. The modules are as follows:

1. Success Secrets
2. Research
3. Book Setup
4. Cover Creation
5. Publishing
6. Marketing

Each module contains between one and nine lessons, which are a mixture of audio, video and text. A typical lesson comprises a 15-minute video, followed by links to resources discussed in the video, followed by additional notes to clarify or expand on the points covered. There is also a highly informative 26-page PDF of “Quick Tips”. You can read my original review of Kindle Bestseller Secrets here if you like. Suffice to say, I rate it very highly.

I won’t list everything else in the bundle here as it would take too long, but it also includes Debbie Drum‘s informative manual about Facebook marketing for authors, along with guides to writing flash fiction, children’s books for Kindle, cozy mysteries, and so on.

There are also some ready-made plot outlines included. I have slightly mixed views about the latter, but if you simply regard them as research resources (like having a novel summarized for you, so you can better understand its structure) they could still be useful.

Although the main emphasis is on fiction writing, many of the resources included will also be valuable to non-fiction writers. The guides to Facebook marketing by Debbie Drum and Charity Cason apply equally to nonfiction, for example, and Derek Doepker’s KIndle Bestseller Secrets actually has a certain bias towards nonfiction.

One of the offers included in the bundle is a 21 percent discount (worth $27) on Geoff Shaw’s Kindling. This is a comprehensive Kindle writing course and private members website.

I am a member of Kindling myself and can therefore testify that it is indeed a high-quality product. As it costs substantially more than the price of the whole Focus on Fiction bundle, I’m not entirely surprised they aren’t including free membership. However, I am not convinced that a discount on the price should really be part of the list of 16 products included in the bundle. I’d have preferred to see it presented as an extra bonus, personally.

That aside, though, I think Focus on Fiction is an excellent value offer. Even if you only counted the top-line (in my view) products from David Lee Martin and Derek Doepker, at the bundle price you would still be getting excellent value. If writing and publishing fiction is something that interests you, it is definitely well worth checking out.

One last thing I should mention is that 10 percent of all profits from Focus on Fiction are going to a worthy cause, the Water Aid charity, which helps bring safe water and sanitation to some of the world’s poorest communities. Kudos to David for that. He really is one of the good guys in this field.

If you have any comments or questions about Focus on Fiction, as ever, please do leave a comment on this post.


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