Happy New Year 2018!

Just wanted to wish every reader of Entrepreneur Writer a happy, creative and prosperous 2018!

I do hope this is the year when you achieve, or at least start to achieve, all of your writing ambitions.

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A quick plug too for the brand new Best Writing Forum that has just been launched by my old friend Karl Moore. This should be an invaluable resource for getting feedback on your work, asking writing-related questions, checking out the latest markets for writers, and much more. Join now to be in from the start!

Finally, you haven’t yet seen it (and especially if you live in the UK and/or are over 50) do check out my personal finance and lifestyle blog Pounds and Sense. I have been running this for just over a year now and it has already picked up several awards and nominations. If you are looking to save money, make money or invest money in 2018, I promise you’ll find some eye-opening tips and information.

Once again, I wish you a very happy and creative new year.

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