How to Follow Entrepreneur Writer

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In response to several requests, I have now added a facility to receive email updates any time Entrepreneur Writer is updated. You should see the sign-up box to the right of this post (or at the foot of the page on mobile devices).

This facility will ONLY be used to send subscribers an email when a new post has been published here. In theory I could use it to send out newsletters as well, but that will never be the case on this blog. I have no immediate plans to create a separate email newsletter, although I’m not ruling it out for the future. But if I do, there will be a separate sign-up mechanism, so everyone knows exactly what they are getting!

The other way you can see updates to the blog is to subscribe to the RSS feed, using a feed reader such as Feedly (my personal favourite). Again, you can access the main feed URL (Entries RSS) on the right – you may need to scroll down a bit – or at the foot of the page on mobile devices. But actually, with Feedly and similar services, all you need to do is paste the blog URL into the search box and it will automatically detect all feeds available from the website in question.

Many thanks to everyone who has signed up to receive updates already, by the way. It’s great to have you on board!

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