Let Readers Preview Your Kindle Book on Your Website

Amazon have just introduced a new feature for Kindle authors named Kindle instant previews. It allows you to post a preview of your Kindle ebook on your blog or website.

Here is an example with my Kindle ebook about plotting…

And here’s another example with my sci-fi novella The Festival on Lyris Five

You can read step-by-step instructions for using Kindle instant previews on this page of the Amazon.com website. Basically, you have to navigate to your ebook’s sales page on Amazon.com (not Amazon UK), click on the “Embed” link next to the other sharing options, and then either copy the special link provided or embed the HTML (which is what I have done above).

A plus point is that once you have clicked on the “Embed” link, you have the option to include your Amazon Associates (affiliate) code if you wish. One think you can’t do, however, is use a geo-targeted link such as those provided by Geni.us (formerly GeoRiot) or BookLinker.

Kindle instant previews are undoubtedly a great feature to promote your Kindle ebooks, however – and you could also use them to promote other authors’ ebooks as an affiliate.

If you have any comments or questions about Kindle instant previews, as ever, please do post them below. Feel free also to post links to your own blog posts using Kindle instant previews if you like.

  • If you are new to writing Kindle ebooks, or looking to make the most of this massive potential market for your work, I highly recommend Geoff Shaw’s Kindling, still the most comprehensive guide to writing both fiction and nonfiction for Kindle. Click through here for my full blog review.
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