My homepage – This is my original website, which sets out a bit more information about me and my writing/editing services. It needs updating, I know!

My Writers Circle forum – MWC is the forum I helped set up in conjunction with Karl Moore of WCCL nearly ten years ago. I am no longer directly involved in its running, but still recommend it as a great resource for getting feedback on your work and asking any writing-related questions. You can also find market information on the Writers Wanted board. And it’s all free, of course.

ShortSpark – A new blog that documents the journey of a new writer who happens to be a digital marketer. The site will be a resource for writers through articles about writing, competitions, and marketing for authors

Sally Jenkins’ Writing Blog – This popular blog is run by my friend and near-neighbour Sally Jenkins, a widely published writer of both fiction and nonfiction. In it Sally shares writing-related news, market information, book reviews, and more.

Iain Pattison’s Blog – Iain is a former colleague from my days as a tutor for The Writers Bureau. He is a talented and successful short story writer, writing tutor and competition judge. His new blog already features some very informative and entertaining posts about writing.



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