My Review of KD Publishing Pro – A Software Tool for Creating, Formatting and Publishing Kindle E-books

KD Publishing Pro is a software product from Bobby Walker and Dave Guindon. It is designed to help any author create, format and publish a Kindle e-book of their own, even if they have little or no technical knowledge.

It looked to me like the sort of tool that might be useful to many of my readers, so I bought a copy myself to put it through its paces.

You download the software from the members’ area, which also has links to a video training course and various bonuses.

Downloading and installing KD Publishing Pro proved quite straightforward. When you launch the program, this is what you see…


You can either use KD Publishing Pro to write your e-book from scratch (in which case you click on the Create button) or you can copy and paste your content into it.

Either way, if you then click on Create Chapter, you can build up your e-book chapter by chapter. A table of contents will then be created automatically for your book containing all the chapter headings.

You can also get the software to insert a copyright page at the front automatically. The wording is standard, obviously, but you can edit it if you want to.

For creating or editing your e-book, you work on the main screen (shown below). This looks much like an ordinary word-processor..It has a good range of formatting commands at the top, including page break, insert picture, change font, and so on. An advantage of working within KD Publishing Pro is that it only allows you to use formatting permitted in Kindle e-books and (unlike Word) it won’t insert a lot of superfluous code. This should mean that your e-book doesn’t have any formatting errors.


A further feature is that via the Marketing tab (below), you can create promotional pages within your e-book leading to other books you have written and/or affiliate products and services you are promoting. This is all fully explained in the video training, of course.


Once you have your e-book finished, you can save it in Microsoft Word format (suitable for uploading to the Kindle Store) and also as a KD Publishing Pro project for easy editing in future. You can also publish directly to Amazon, once you have entered your account information and book details into the software. You can access your sales stats as well, meaning you may never actually need to log in to the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) website.

As well as the software, you get a video training course on how to use it. This is in the usual screen-capture format, and narrated by Dave Guindon. I found the videos were more than enough to get me started, though I do think a written manual might have been helpful as well.

In addition, there are various bonuses. One is a video course providing a beginner’s guide to Kindle publishing. This is pretty basic, but again if you are brand new to Kindle publishing it will bring you up to speed with how it all works. There is also a 10-module course on how to drive traffic to your book’s sales page (or anywhere else) using Pinterest.

The other bonuses are a WordPress plug-in for creating landing pages, and a QR code generator. The latter will generate QR codes that you can insert in your e-books to link to web pages of your choice (optionally including your affiliate code).

To sum up, in my view KD Publishing Pro is a valuable tool for anyone new to Kindle publishing, and also for more experienced Kindle authors seeking ways to automate and speed up some aspects of the formatting and publishing process.

One other thing I should mention is that if you purchase KD Publishing Pro, you will see a “one-time offer” for another Dave Guindon product called KD Suite. This is a set of software tools for researching and marketing Kindle e-books. It’s another high-quality product, and it is definitely worth thinking about buying it as well. (If you wish, you can see an in-depth review of KD Suite I wrote for the More Money Review website a while ago by clicking here. Note that you will need to register (free) and log in to the site in order to read the full review.)

If you have any comments or questions about KD Publishing Pro (or KD Suite), as always, do feel free to post them below.


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