New Launch: Passive Publishing System

Regular readers will know that I am a big fan of Amy Harrop, a successful Kindle author and publisher of many guides and software products for authors.

I thought you might therefore like to know that her latest product, Passive Publishing System, has just gone live. Written with Rob Howard and Deb Drum, it reveals how authors can cash in on two alternative publishing platforms to Kindle, the iBookstore and Scribd. PPS is a combination software tool and training course that finds popular niches with high interest and low competition on these platforms.

  • iBookstore – The iBookstore is now the #2 digital publishing platform (behind Kindle) but it has about 1/10th of the competition (depending on the niche/category). Amy claims it is easy to make sales on this platform, with no marketing needed.
  • Scribd – Scribd is now a subscription platform similar to Kindle Unlimited and Oyster. Amy says that publishers who place their books on this platform (you can’t do it directly for their subscription program, but Amy shows you how in the training) make easy sales, again with no marketing needed.
The included PPS software does keyword, niche, and competition analysis specifically for these two platforms. The product also includes complete training on how to easily publish to both, as many people have no idea how to get their content into these marketplaces.
I hope to review Passive Publishing System here before too long, but because I am currently undergoing some medical treatment time is a bit short at the moment. PPS is currently available at a launch price of just $27. This will be going up to $37 very soon, so it’s definitely a good idea to check out the info page now if you think this product may be of interest to you.
With Kindle becoming ever more competitive, and recent changes to Kindle Unlimited potentially making it less remunerative for authors, all e-book writers owe it to themselves to investigate alternative publishing platforms. Kindle is definitely NOT the only game in town now, and in future you may well find that other platforms such as the iBookstore and Scribd (not to mention Udemy) prove more profitable. In any event, they represent additional potential profit streams no entrepreneurial author should ignore!
If you have any comments or questions about Passive Publishing System, as ever, please do leave them below.
UPDATE MARCH 2016Passive Publishing System has just been updated and relaunched. See my new blog post and review here.
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