Niche Publishing Monthly Review

Niche Publishing Monthly is the latest product for writers to be released by the prolific Amy Harrop.

Niche Publishing Monthly is, as the name implies, a monthly membership service. Each month subscribers receive an information pack focused on one particular niche publishing opportunity.

The pack includes background information about the niche concerned, the results of Amy’s keyword research, competition analysis (including Kindle), and much more. The idea is that you use this information to create e-books and other information products to appeal to people interested in that niche.

This service is therefore aimed primarily at writers (and other entrepreneurs) who have some experience in online publishing, rather than absolute beginners.

Amy was kind enough to allow me pre-launch reviewer access to the first monthly issue of Niche Publishing Monthly, so here’s what I found.

The “Niche of the Month” in the first issue is the hugely popular online game Minecraft. The main information is contained in an 18-page PDF. This starts by discussing the Minecraft niche and the demographic it appeals to (I must admit I found some of this information quite surprising).

After that, Amy sets out the fruits of her research into the Minecraft niche, looking at relevant keywords (e.g. Minecraft hacks) and the search volumes they attract. She also covers the various potential outlets for publishers (Kindle, Smashwords, the iBookstore, and so on) and discusses their relative merits and the terms they offer to author/publishers.

In the next part of the guide – arguably the most useful – Amy sets out the different types of product that could do well in this niche. With Minecraft, for example, she lists quiz books, how-to guides, beginner guides, and even joke books. There is also a separate spreadsheet listing the top-selling Minecraft e-books in the Kindle Store, including their length, number of reviews, price, estimated gross sales, and much more. There is plenty of food for thought here, even if you are not a Minecraft aficionado.

The guide concludes with links to various useful resources for content creation, including websites, articles and videos. There is also a link to a spreadsheet listing related blogs, Google Plus communities, Facebook Groups and Pinterest boards.

Obviously, Minecraft might not be everyone’s ideal niche, but from Amy’s advice and resources guide, I am certain most writers could come up with something publishable on this topic. Amy does say, however, that a broad variety of niches will be covered in the coming months, including Health, Hobbies, Relationships, Self Help, Fiction (Romance, Thriller, Mysteries, etc.), Kids’ Books and Topics, Popular Culture, and more.

Any downsides? Well, if large numbers of subscribers are all targeting the same niche in any particular month, this will inevitably increase the level of competition. I don’t think that will be a major obstacle in practice, though. It’s not as if everyone will be publishing the same thing. There are lots of different sub-niches you can target, and different media as well. In addition, after every month that particular issue will be removed, so nobody else will be able to access it. So in practice it’s highly unlikely that any of these popular niches will ever become swamped.

In summary, Niche Publishing Monthly is another great-value product from Amy Harrop, especially at the launch price of just $9.99 (about 6.50 UKP) a month (and you can of course cancel at any time). Clearly it will still be down to you to apply the information provided and create your own products, but that does mean that you should end up with something unique that should generate a growing online income for you for many months to come.

If you have any comments or questions about Niche Publishing Monthly, as ever, please do post them below.

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