Passive Publishing System Relaunch

In this post last year I talked about Passive Publishing System, a new course and software product from my colleague Amy Harrop.

Passive Publishing System reveals how authors can cash in on two alternative publishing platforms to Kindle, the iBookstore and Scribd. It is a combination software tool and training course that aims to identify popular niches with high interest and low competition on these platforms.

  • iBookstore – The iBookstore is now the #2 digital publishing platform (behind Kindle) but it has about 1/10th of the competition (depending on the niche/category). Amy claims it is easy to make sales on this platform, with no marketing needed.
  • Scribd – Scribd is now a subscription platform similar to Kindle Unlimited and Oyster. Amy says that publishers who place their books on this platform (you can’t do it directly for their subscription program, but Amy shows you how in the training) make easy sales, again with no marketing needed.
The included PPS software does keyword, niche, and competition analysis specifically for these two platforms. The product also includes training on how to publish to both, as many people have no idea how to get their content into these marketplaces.
Amy recently relaunched Passive Publishing System, and for the next few days it is available at a $10 discount on the normal price of $37.

I have just reviewed Passive Publishing System for my clients at More Money Review. You can read my full review on this page of the MMR website if you wish. You will need to be registered with the site and logged in to see the full review, but this is free and only takes a moment.

Overall, though, I thought this was a pretty good product. The manual makes a good case for publishing on these two platforms, in particular because there is a lot less competition than on Kindle. I thought there could have been a bit more detail on the practical aspects of publishing, but the general advice is certainly sound.

The software doesn’t have too many bells and whistles, but it does an excellent job of searching Scribd and the iBookstore for your chosen keywords and showing how much competition there is for them. It should be a valuable tool for identifying potentially profitable niches on these two platforms. You can see a demo of how the software works in the video below.

It is worth noting that if you don’t have a Mac, publishing on the iBookstore will be more challenging. Amy suggests two alternatives, one of which is using an aggregating service that will publish your work to various platforms simultaneously (and no, it’s not Smashwords). I will definitely be looking into this further myself.

Passive Publishing System will probably be of most interest to writers who already have some experience publishing to Kindle, who are now looking to add additional (or alternative) income streams. In my view it is well worth a look.

If you have any comments or questions about Passive Publishing System, as ever, please feel free to post them below.

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