Poets – Join in the MWC Midsummer Poetry Fest!

Regular readers will know that I was one of the founders of the online forum myWritersCircle.com, and until quite recently used to manage it.

Although I am no longer involved in the day-to-day running of the forum, I am still a member and retain a close interest in what goes on there.

So today I wanted to give you a heads-up about a special event that has just been launched on the forum. The MWC Midsummer Poetry Fest is aimed specifically at poetry writers, and includes a wide range of contests and challenges.

The events include the Poet-athalon, which requires participants to post poems in a variety of different recognised forms, and The Martini Tent, which is for poems inspired by drink! There is also a contest to find the Midsummer Poet Laureate, based on nominations and an open vote.

The events will be mainly for fun and the kudos of winning, though I understand there may be some prizes as well. You will need to be a member of myWritersCircle.com to take part, but if you are not already, joining is free and only takes a few moments. There is no cost for taking part in any of the events.

Many thanks to the poets of MWC, and especially moderator Cornelius Poe, for taking the initiative to organize this event.

Good luck, and see you at The MWC Midsummer Poetry Fest!

Picture: CC BY-NC-ND by rknickme

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