Review: No Writing Needed: How to Profit From No and Low Content Books

No Writing Needed: How to Profit From No and Low Content Books is the latest product for writers to be released by the prolific Amy Harrop.

No Writing Needed (as I’ll call it for short from now on) reveals how to create, publish and sell books that require little to no writing. It’s just been launched at a low offer price of $17 (about 11 UKP), and will be available at this price till May 11 2015, after which the price will rise by $10.

Amy was kind enough to allow me pre-launch reviewer access to No Writing Needed, so here’s what I found…

The main course content for No Writing Needed takes the form of a 41-page PDF. This includes plenty of links to additional resources. Some of these are provided by Amy herself, but most are on external websites.

As you might expect from this experienced author, the PDF is well written and presented. The table of contents at the front has active links, a feature which is always much appreciated. There are one or two screengrab illustrations, although perhaps not quite as many as you might expect.

The manual starts by taking you through an impressive variety of low- and no-content book categories. They include such things as homework and wedding planners and colouring books (children’s and adults). One important thing to emphasize is that these are all print books, not e-books. These are products where the buyer provides much of the content themselves, so they do have to be in hard copy form really.

Having taken you through the (many) options available, Amy then discusses how to go about producing such books yourself. This is clearly a subject she knows well, and she lists numerous suppliers and resources she has used personally.

For some types of book she recommends Amazon’s own CreateSpace print-on-demand service, although she does point out that other bookstores often refuse to stock CreateSpace titles. Nonetheless, she recommends this option if you want to target Amazon customers exclusively. Even in other cases, however, she suggests making use of the free templates on CreateSpace.

Design is also covered in some detail, and there are links to various templates you can use and adapt. If you want a wedding planner template, for example, there are links to six different ones. Amy also includes links to resources for creating colouring books, including free software you can use to create colouring book images. But there are links to specialist designers on as well, in case you prefer to outsource some or all of the design work.

Finally, the guide talks about how to market and sell your books. Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) is one of several options that is discussed. Amy also has an optional extra module that goes into much more detail about FBA, with lots of extra tips and hints. She was one of the first authors to use FBA for selling books, so she really does know what she is talking about here.

Overall, I thought No Writing Needed was another high-quality product from Amy Harrop. If you’re only interested in writing Kindle e-books, obviously it won’t be relevant to you. On the other hand, Kindle is becoming an ever more crowded and competitive market. Writing and selling the type of book described in this course, while it will undoubtedly entail a bit of a learning curve initially, could potentially provide you with a steady and substantial income that continues over a long period. Once you have your systems and suppliers in place, publishing additional low- and no-content books should then be a quick and simple process. It’s definitely an approach any entrepreneurial writer should consider.

If you have any comments or queries about No Writing Needed, as always, please feel free to post them below.

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