Short Stories Based on Urban Legends Wanted

My friend and former myWritersCircle moderator Joe Mynhardt is inviting stories for a new anthology to be produced by his horror fiction publishing house, Crystal Lake Publishing.

The stories should be in the style of “urban legends”. Details from the website are copied below.


Submissions Open: December 1, 2015

Submissions Close: February 29, 2016

Payment: $20

Length: 2,000 to 4,000 words (exceptional stories can have fewer, or more, words than our suggested guidelines)


We’re looking for crisp, out-of-the-box, modern, and unique urban legends that’ll be told around campfires for the next century. Give us your ghosts, faeries, cryptids, killers, and creepy kids, but tread carefully around the trap of retelling an urban legend that’s already been told. Tales from the Lake: Volume 3 is not horror-specific whatsoever, but steer clear of romance and cutesy stories. Give us a new generation of beautifully crafted urban legends that’s diverse and meaningful; something we’ve never seen before, set in places we’ve only ever dreamt of going.


It’s simple, really: Don’t give us vampires and werewolves unless you’re Anne Rice, and don’t give us zombies unless you’re Jonathan Maberry. We’re not easily offended, but the unnecessary use of graphic violence and explicit sexual encounters should be avoided unless it’s crucial to the plot. That said, the slightest hint of animal cruelty gets you an automatic rejection letter, and no exceptions will be made in this regard. Profanity is okay, just don’t overdo it.Other than that; show us what you’re made of.

Source: Submission Guidelines

For more information, including how to submit your work, visit the Crystal Lake publishing website.

Good luck if you decide to submit a story for this anthology. Do let me know if you are successful!

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