Taming the Dragon Review

Taming the Dragon is the latest product for writers to be released by the prolific Amy Harrop.

Taming the Dragon is a guide for content writers on how they can boost their productivity when creating articles, ebooks, blog posts, and so on. It’s just been launched at a low offer price of $18 (about 12 UKP), and will be available at this price for a limited time only.

Amy was kind enough to allow me pre-launch reviewer access to Taming the Dragon, so here’s what I found…

Like many of Amy’s products, Taming the Dragon is accessed via a password-protected WordPress site (so don’t lose your log-in details!). This has the advantage that that you can access it from any computer with an internet connection, and it can also be easily updated and expanded.

The main course content for Taming the Dragon takes the form of a 62-page PDF. This includes plenty of links to additional resources. Some of these are provided by Amy herself, but most are on external websites.

As you might expect from this experienced author, the PDF is well written and presented. The table of contents at the front has active links, a feature which is always much appreciated. The text is interspersed with graphics and screen-capture illustrations where appropriate.

I hope I’m not giving away too much by revealing that Taming the Dragon is all about boosting your productivity by using speech recognition (SR) software. The Dragon in the title is actually Dragon Naturally Speaking. This is the market-leading SR program, and the one that Amy recommends herself.

The manual discusses how to make the most of SR software, whether for creating fiction or nonfiction, and also for editing and general email and computer tasks. Amy is clearly a big fan of SR, and she reveals various tips and techniques she has used personally to make herself so productive. The main emphasis is on using Dragon Naturally Speaking, but other SR tools (including some free ones) are also discussed.

In addition to the main manual, there are modules devoted specifically to fiction writing and nonfiction writing. These include training videos and other resources.

There is also a module on using “content accelerators”. These are basically brief outlines of articles you could write on a wide range of subjects, from dating to weight loss, affiliate marketing to juicing. The content accelerators are available to download separately in compressed Zip files, with the content in both Word and Mac OS X formats.

Finally, there is a downloadable 32-page PDF guide to content research for online content creators. This sets out a range of online research tools and techniques you can use, including keyword research, Google Trends, spying on your competitors, Evernote, and so forth.

Overall, I thought Taming the Dragon was another high-quality product from Amy Harrop. It will give you insights into how you can use speech recognition software to greatly boost your productivity, and the “content accelerators” may be useful if you need ideas/outlines for content you could produce in double-quick time. If you run a dating website, for example, there are some good ideas for articles about dating you could produce quickly (using speech recognition software, of course!).

As ever, if you have any comments or queries about Taming the Dragon, please do post them below.

UPDATE: Just heard that the price of Taming the Dragon will be going up on Monday 25 January. Order now to get it at the launch offer price!

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