Ten Things I Have Learned About Buying Information Products Online

In the last few years I have bought a LOT of online information products. Some were writing-related, while others were about running various types of online business. Many were bought for the purposes of reviewing them on my blog or for my clients at More Money Review.

Buying and reviewing these products has given me a few insights into how these products are sold and how to spot the good ones from the average, the poor and the downright scams. So I thought today I’d share some of the things I’ve learned through doing this. Some of the items listed below are a bit tongue in cheek, but in my experience they are all essentially true…

1. If it’s sold from a video sale page, always be wary. In addition…

2. The longer the video and the less other written information, the greater the likelihood it is a scam.

3. Similarly, the vaguer and/or more outrageous the promises made, the more likely you are looking at a scam.

4. On the other hand, sale pages with detailed and informative text and relevant graphics are a promising sign.

5. If there is no way of contacting the vendor from the sales page, don’t expect any support if you sign up either.

6. NEVER give your real phone number, or you will almost certainly receive a stream of phone calls from telemarketers trying to sell you ever more expensive “upgrades”. If it’s compulsory (a warning sign in itself, of course) enter a string of zeroes. That’s never failed to work for me.

7. There will almost inevitably be a “one time offer” (OTO) after you have made your purchase. This is where you discover that the original sales page omitted to mention that there is something else you need as well to make any real money from the opportunity. My advice (which admittedly I don’t always take myself) is never to pay for an OTO. You can almost certainly still buy it later if you find you really want to, often at the same price. But until you’ve tried the original product, how do you know if you need the upsell or not? And even if you end up paying slightly more later, overall you will still be much better off than paying for every OTO on the off-chance you might need it.

8. If you buy an information product, give yourself time to read it and properly apply the information it contains. Don’t put it to one side as soon as some other “bright, shiny object” distracts you. The internet is awash with “opportunities”, with many more being added every day. It’s highly unlikely you are going to miss anything life-changing if you forswear buying any other information products while you focus on the one in hand.

9. If you’re looking for advice on whether a certain product would be right for you, beware of Googling for reviews. The great majority of online reviews are placed by affiliates who are seeking to make money by hyping new products to the skies, whatever their actual merits (or otherwise). Instead, check out independent review websites such as More Money Review, which – as mentioned – I write for myself. Another review site I like is One More Cup of Coffee by “Nathaniel”. His reviews are always honest and entertaining. Admittedly, he is actively promoting Wealthy Affiliate throughout the site, but as that is a pretty good product (and free at the basic level) I don’t have a problem with it. You can see my own review of Wealthy Affiliate on this page of the MMR site, incidentally. Note that you will need to register (free) and log in to read the full review.

10. Finally, remember the old adage: if it sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is. If there really was an easy, fail-safe method of making money online, everyone would be doing it by now. There ARE genuine ways of making money on the internet, from blogging to Kindle e-book writing, online auction trading to affiliate marketing, but in all cases you really do need to work hard at it. Sorry!

If you have any questions or tips you would like to add to my own, please do post them below.

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